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holy hiatus batman! - Tuesday, February 12, 2008
mm. I remember almost 3 months ago, how excited I was to have the time off. 3 whole months to relax in. HA! it has been a stressful holiday period for no apparent reason, just lots of small reasons.

I'm grumpy because it's 2am almost and I can't sleep.

Lots of things have been going on that you wouldn't have heard about:
Aaron getting hit by a car, me getting a root canal on my front tooth, my laser eye surgery, my trip to qld with anna, anna moving out, her house warming.. me resigning from my job.

That's just a sum up, LOL. I finished the quilt though! remember that? the one from like, 6-8 months ago? DONE! wootbean! it's on my bed right now and aaron is hogging it because that's what he does when he's asleep. He is a cover stealer.

Oh yeah, I'm also a mut moderator. And, I got a new job. Starting next monday. I am sooo tired but I want to read for just a little bit and I can't if aaron is sleeping. He's working tomorrow so it would be mean to wake him up.

yay valentines day on thursday.. I already know what I'm getting. I might get back into the blogging and post pictures on the day and so you know what I got.

night, I might go back to bed. Or sleep on the couch. Or whatever, stay awake all night. I think I might bake cookies tomorrow.

Love Rosie

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