Pink Sugar Princess
- Monday, December 18, 2000
It was the last day of school today. I got my report ^__^ it was actually pretty okay. So, yeah. WOOOOHHHH!!! I'm free for 6 weeks. Thank god. Here are some useless stats about me presently -

I am currently hooked on the following songs - A.) red hot chilli peppers - love rollercoaster B.) something for kate - astronaut C.)Coldplay - yellow and D.) radiohead - just

My word for the month - "oooh! sorry! are you okay? merry christmas!" okay, it's a phrase! whenever I bump into people, it's what I say 0_0
ummm.... I did a couple more pages of my comic, 2 dozen days. Still no alternative names. Damn ^_^

Trent from daria, Max from seachange and Matt from 2 dozen days are all... CUTE! WOOH! lol

so, yeah. That's all for now. Have a good festive season, in case I don't post before then. Love always and forever,


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Career: Receptionist at Fitness First; at Uni doing Bsc/Ba - Natural History, Culture & Museum studies

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