Pink Sugar Princess
- Saturday, January 13, 2001
I finished a picture I was working on yesterday. It took me all week to finish it, and it looks even better than I had hoped.

Anyway, I went and saw "meet the parents" the other day. It was funny, but not as funny as I had expected. Some of the stuff that happened to the main character were just a bit mean. It was like, ouch the whole time ^_^;;

I'm getting down to more of my comic now that I've finished that other drawing. I'm still being hounded to do a poster for the comic, and I've started one, but it doesn't look too good at the moment. Oh well, I'll just do the comic. Get that out of the way :)

You won't believe my bad luck with the web this week!

Issue # 1 - I've been trying to place my [other] site on a turnpike so I can get more hits for the last six months. I finally got to send the form (only 750 submissions a week, and the form opens at some weird time for me -_-;) and the crosswinds servers are upgrading. Unbelieveable. The turnpike probably wont add me - they can't even see my site

Issue # 2 - I haven't been able to open some of my mail. One of my hotmail accounts won't work. I can sign in, and then it says to refresh the page. So I have to use a totally different computer >_<

Issue # 3 - I found some really cute fanart of Kaji from evangelion. (my site is about him) and because crosswinds are upgrading their servers, I can't add it! I emailed the person and she said I could use her art, and she probably thinks I don't want to use it because I haven't added it.

Issue # 4 - when I was last able to update my site (ages ago!) every time I tried to do stuff to a page, it would disappear entirely, never to be seen again. So about 6 of my pages have vanished into the inky void of the www.

That's my irrational rant for today.

Ja matte from Ryo-chan at Ryohji's letters. (I mean, RYOHJI-SAMA. Don't want to upset my alter-ego ^_~)

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