Pink Sugar Princess
- Monday, January 08, 2001
Nothing special happened today.. went to a clothes warehouse.. bought stuff... went to the library... did stuff... just your average day in the life of. Very boring ^_^

I didn't draw anything today, so I feel kind of... creatively frustrated 0_0 I need to draw! ack! anyway, I did surf the web for nice fan images. I'm looking exclusively for drawings of people sleeping, so I can see the way the sheets move and the way the um, people in bed are interacting. I know it sounds dirty but I just want some nice, innocent pictures of people sleeping! ;_;

That's about it. I downloaded a(nother) song from napster, called frontier psychiatrist by the avalanches. It's really funny. Some of the lyrics are....

that boy needs therapy
lie down on the couch!
what does that mean?!
you're a nut!
you're crazy in the coconut!

The whole song is just sweet ^___^ The other song I like at the moment is the deadly avenger instrumental remix of travis - writing to reach you. VERY good song

That's my reccomended playlist for today - it seems like all I ever talk about in here is music and drawing. ^_~ nothing wrong with that...

Oh well, I'm getting up before 11 (for once) tomorrow, so I should go. See you next post ^_^

Love, as always Ryo-chan

(wha?!! RYO-CHAN?! WTF! Ryohji-sama is the barest acceptible!)<~~ my new quotable!

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