Pink Sugar Princess
- Tuesday, February 06, 2001
La la la.. I really have GOT to stop listening to Craig Davids - seven days, which, by the way, is my reccomended song of the week. Day. Month. Whatever!

As you know, I usually don't like that kinda song, I'm a travis kind of girl. But, seriously, I love it! addiction is a harsh word...

today, a friend of mine gave me 2 of her thai comic books *squeal* THANKYOU SO SO MUCH!!!! lol

um, they're in thai, but I can get them translated by peeps I know, so it's all good. Waii!!! they're sooo sooo cute! ^_^

ok, over the comic books :D I gotta go. I feel like drawing something, so I'll leave you, um, to it. Bye now!

~ Love always, Missy (again and again, she just can't stay with the same name. She has no commitment!)

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