Pink Sugar Princess
- Thursday, February 01, 2001
Today was the second day back at school. I've been feeling kind of depressed since then, (not since I'm back at schol, though I'm sure it has SOMETHING to do with it) but I won't bore you. I'm sure hearing all about the major bitch of my life at the moment won't make you any more interested in my life than before. (okay, so it might, but I don't want her to read this and get just revenge ^^;;)

It's been raining. Hard. I like the sound of rain, though. It's so grey and calming. I dunno, I think I'll change the colours of my page to white and grey. What do you think?

I think I'll give drawing a rest. I want to do some writing, I think. I just feel like drawing pictures with rain in. And I've already drawn one too many. My friends are getting bored ^_~

Oh well, I should go. School tomorrow. And work. I'm kind of nervous, I'll be working with 2 people, one I've only met once, and they won't have time to answer many of my questions. Oh well. I can see myself doing all the shelving and errands. -_-;

Not that I'm complaining. It's easier if I don't have to deal with the customers, I speak too softly and I'm too slow and nervous.

Ok, I'm going now. Ja all of you!

Love always Rosie (OMG, she used her real name. What to do, what to DO!)

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