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- Wednesday, July 04, 2001
Well, well. If it's not Rosie creeping back to make another post! what is it? two or three months ago?! ^^;; jello again peeps! (isn't jell-o a cool cool cool word? ^_~)

Hmm.. Well, I'm kind of psyched out today! yay! *squeals* sorry for not posting and all, you know.. been busy.... (heh)

I went over to my friend's house to do an assignment. It was heaps fun, we were messing around with a glue gun and stuff, lol.

Ho hum. I got a birthday present from my pen friend in Queensland today. I know you read this, so HI KIM!!! I loved it!!! it's a book by Nick Earls - like, a omnibus of them... there's 2 stories in the one book, and I'm a couple of pages in at the moment ^^;;

Anyway, yah, it was my birthday on the 22nd, and I got heaps of cool stuff. My boyfriend gave me the coolest present! well, actually 2 of them (damn spendthrift! ^_~)
He got me... this massive kogepan toy. Ever heard of burnt bread? well... it's a sanrio character and it's sooo sweet ^__^ he also gave me a bracelet which is really pretty. My parents are worried about me, walking around the house with my bread toy and looking at my wrist all the time...

This is the last week of school! *jumps up and down* I love school holidays, I can work more, and get heaps of money! *squeals* but when I'm at home more, my mum pesters me to do things, like get my learner's driving license and such. The book you have to study first is so boring ;_; I fell asleep reading it last time! blah!

wow! I just realised that the last time I posted was 2 months before I started going out with my bf (what a totally random thing to say) at least, I think it was.. wait... *counts on her fingers* hmmm.. it will have been 3 months on the 21st of this month.... so.... we started going out in.. April. Yah, that's right ^_^

Well, what else do I have to tell you about? not much. I'm still obsessed with chocolate, I got quite a bit for my birthday, so I am SO binge-ing (uh, do you spell that like that? ^^;;)

My friend lent me her CD, and it's got the song I was trying to download for ages on it! thankyou Stuffy!!! *hug*

and Kim, I owe you a hug too, your present was majorly cool, and I will SO read it over and over! *HUG*

well, I'm kind of tired, all that hugging n' stuff ^_^

bai bai everyone! talk to you next post :D

~ Rosie

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