Pink Sugar Princess
- Thursday, August 09, 2001
Hey guys. Definately less hyper today... no sugar ;_; I'm saving my money up for something, so I can't spend it on sour skittles or sherbet, my current addictions. I was so upset... I spent all of $5 on wednesday, and I didn't even have to! waste! NOOOOO!!!


oh well. Hmmm.... what other things in my life can I actually TELL you about? (heh)

Hmm.... last week was like, sooo majorly busy, and this week has been so quiet *sigh* I keep wondering what I'm not doing, that I should be. Well, subject selections for my final 2 years of high school were on monday. If you don't live in Australia, then it prolly won't make senese to you. If you do, then, WOW. You know what I'm talking about (*blank gaze*)

What else? oh yeah - current song addictions: Machismo by Gomez (on the gone in sixty seconds soundtrack) it has the funniest film clip! go the frankenstein monster dancing (okay, another 'have to be there thing')

Walk On and Stuck in a Moment by U2

favourite download: kazaa - the file sharing program. Not just music, but images, info and software. My sis told me about some other program, but I can't remember the name. Kazaa is less popular than the one she told me about it. Anyway, if you want Kazaa, go to

*yawn* today was boring. Also obsessed with: coffee, charcoal charlies' portugese chicken... buying CD singles, My baby, by little romeo, I want you back (by the Jackson 5. SHAME! not to, uh, diss any fans out there ^^;;) and also... The Labyrinth. An 80's movie staring David Bowie in really (really) tight tights ;_;

and no, I dont like it because of that! It's a henson movie! and guess what else! the music is addictively 80's! omg. The hair. The clothing. The weird tasseled shoes... *sigh*

well, enough from me. ^_~ g2g!

Love Axelles (yeah, another name. The internet does that to you.)

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