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- Wednesday, June 12, 2002
Hello and hello...

Omg, I hardly ever update this thing! ok.. so what happened today? well, nothing really, it was a tuesday, the first day back after the long weekend. And mine was pretty busy, as it turns out..

So, friday night, I go to work, 5-10pm. Saturday, I went to a Birthday party, lots of totally drunk people, and lots of people hooking up. I can't believe that I didn't get drunk. I only got really, really sleepy, and my boyfriend and I slept it off for about 4 hours before he moved into the front room (my parents don't like us sleeping in the same room ALL night o_O)

Anyway, he left early sunday morning and I slept in until about 3 pm-ish. Then at 5 I went to work, until 11.
On monday, I went to another birthday party, this one during the day, we went and saw spiderman at the movies! I was really disapointed with the ending, they are SO setting it up for a sequel.. *grrr*

After THAT party I went to work, 5-11 again, which was good, holiday pay, but it mean that when I finally got to sleep, at about 3 AM,
I was pretty damn fucked when I got up for my early morning class at 8. (That's the time I normally get out of bed!)

So, dude. I'm supposed to be researching the World Cup for Japanese, but I just french-manicured my nails, and damn but I can't be bothered. I so need to wash my hair, but that would require effort. I have 2 choices - wash it now, if I can be bothered moving from this chair, or wake up early and wash it tomorrow. (Like, hell no! I'm not giving up my sleeping time!)

The third option, which will probably be the one I choose, will be, put my hair in a pony-tail tomorrow, and put water on it, no one will notice that I need to wash it! (or they might, but I won't care)

Ok, major headache. I am so badly going to bed soon, soo tired... ho hum.. I'm always tired though!

well, have a good week... I so badly want to be with my b/f right now... quality time or something *ahem*

LOL. Anyhoo! see you later guys! bai bai!

~ Rosie

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