Pink Sugar Princess
- Monday, August 05, 2002
Well, I'm just sitting here today, thinking about names. I'm going into my senior year of highschool next year, and we get to have special jerseys for that year, with our names on, or whatever we want them to say, (within the middle-aged reasoning of our princial, so no FUCK ME NEON etc, etc. Damn damn damn, lol)

Sooo the major point of that comment was, I need a name for my jersey! yay! on the front, I'm getting, "For seriously!" because I say it all the time, but I don't know what I want to get written on the back yet. Anyway, that train of thought led me on to thinking about all the weird names we give our loved ones. (well, all the weird names I give mine) and I just thought, for lack of anything better to do, and a fear of going to sleep before 12 AM, that I would list them.

I have so many nicknames for my bubsie that it isn't funny! and bubsie is just one of them! so here they are...

Baby bear

I mean, lets be serious.. some of those look absolutely rediculous written down, dun they? yup. And the embarrassing thing is they sound perfectly normal (To me!) when I say them aloud. I remember back in the day, when we'd been going out for only 4 months that I got excited when he said "I love you", and I would NEVER have given him some weird, embarrassing nickname! like any of the aforementioned.

So, back to MY nicknames, I really have to think hard! I've only got 2 weeks! thought about Pinksugar, because pink is my favourite colour, but I want something that I use all the time, and I hardly ever use that one.

I thought about NY Doll, as in New York Doll, like in the song by wyclef jean, but I dun come from NY! and NSW Doll sounds fully wrong! AU Doll? like, hell no biatch! I want something songsy, that relates to me.

Which means that it can relate to..

* the way I like to sleep 24-7
* the way I'm addicted to the colour pink
* how I love coffee and lift plus.. caffiene is good!
* how the image I like to present is one of sugary sweetness and adorable, huggability

And seriously, I'm coming up with nothing! oh the stresses of senior highschool! any hoo, I've had a damn good week, lots of good things happened.. but this week is setting up to be not so good. I'm getting my wisdom teeth out on wednesday, and I've never had any kind of operationey type thing or anasthetic before.. apparently I'm going to swell up like a hamster, so there's a set of pictures you won't be seeing!

Dude, I'm getting tired now, so I'll log off and leave you to ponder the eternal question.. what will I get on my jersey?!

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