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- Sunday, November 30, 2003
jello everyone... so today was pretty boring but I haven't posted in ages and heaps of things have been happening since september!

well, I finished school and I've done all my final exams so we're all waiting for results which is good.. could do with more money with the amount of invites to clubs, restaurants bars and stuff I'm getting reccently!

we had my formal last wednesday, which was good, and the after party was good too.. could have done with more food at both, and that whole evening cut back my finances quite a bit what with alcohol consumption, photo buying and the like..

Here's my favourites drinks list at the moment - you should try some of them! and dont forget to ask for no ice, so you get more juice!

* Vodka and raspberry - don't have more than one of these, they are really sweet and sickly if you have too many

* vodka and cranberry - I love cranberry's dry taste and its PINK! my fave colour! this disguises the taste of the vodka the least of any of my favourite drinks

* vodka, lemon lime and soda - ok - I really have no idea what is in this - apparently its not lemon juice but lemonade, AND soda, weird! but it tastes really really good!

my non alcoholic drinks list includes at the moment...

* caramel frappuccino - as always this is the best cold coffee drink on the planet, bar none. And tell em you want extra caramel! (from starbucks)

* skim iced chocolate - the light alternative to iced chocolate, making it lighter, smoother and ultimately better! (from gloria jeans)

* cookies and cream thick and or milkshakes from any new zealand icecream store. But they're damn expensive!

*Caramel latte - the best hot coffee drink I know of! Caramel AND coffee! beat that! (also Gloria Jeans)

* Blueberry latte from madisons - an english coffee store that I will miss a lot now I'm back in australia. The only pink/purple coffee I've ever had, and the best, its sweet, smooth and excellent!

hmm, well what else has been going on around me? because of my overseas trip I haven't been working, so on monday, I will be going to Macca's (my boyfriends work, where I am assured a job due to connection ^_~) in order to fill in an application form. I think that they'd be grateful for anyone at this point as they have either fired, lost or transferred pretty much all their regular workers!

so yeah, then i will have 2 jobs, twice as much tax and hopefully, a steady income for at least a while. Then, I can go out and party more! yay!

and that is all for now!

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