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- Saturday, December 13, 2003
Hey all! I have been a busy chicken since my last post, I tellsya!

ok, so I'll start with:

- Wednesday
I met my friend Theo and we got the bus to the city and got coffee at starbucks, shopped, looked in bookstores and ate subway with loads of bitching and gossiping included! in the arvo I met Benny when he finished work and he came back to my house for a while.

- Thursday
I met my oldest buddy Andria at Gloria jeans and we had coffee and caught up. Then I went into the city and met my mum and we went and bought my christmas presents for her and my sister, and looked for my dad but found nothing. We had coffee at starbucks (yes, I know, sooo much coffee reccently) and also bought me 2 tops, and some fabric paint so I could put a design on one.
Anyway, we went home and I painted 3 silver snowflakes onto one of the tops we bought, and then Benno and I went down to the Coogee Palace and had drinks with Andria. After she went home me and Ben stayed for a while at the Coogee Bay Hotel and then we sat on the beach. We walked to Ben's house and I slept over there.

- Friday
Ben woke me up by making me a cup of coffee and we went back to my house, collecting my school reference en route. We collected the last film (the black and white one) of the formal and the negatives my mum wanted to have reprinted. We went and got lunch up at Subway after putting the film in, and after picking it up we dragged home in the heat and put them all into their respective albumns. Benny stayed for dinner (as did Robert, my sister's boyfriend) and then we all (My sister Anna, Robert, her boyfriend, Ben and I) walked up to the Randwick ritz together. Ben and I saw Scary Movie 3 which was funny in parts but mostly unmemorable. Anna and Rob saw Love Actually which Benno and I will go and see soon too I hope. Anyway, then one of Ben's friends called us up and asked if we wanted to meet him at Coogee, so after the movie we went down to the Hibiscus Lounge in Coogee and they stamped 'biscus' on my arm (obviously my puny arms aren't wide enough to fit hibiscus) we didn't stay there long because I was working today (as in saturday) at 8:30 and also because my work forgot to pay me so I was stone broke and I felt really bad borrowing money from Ben cos he's my sweet doormat who would let me take advantage! We got a bus back to my house and zoned out in front of video hits uncut

so that was the last couple of days. Today I was just working and they gave me some of the money they forgot to pay me in cash, and I'll get the rest on monday. And that was that!

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