Pink Sugar Princess
- Friday, December 19, 2003
hey all, today I went to work at maccas, and it was way way hot as in, almost able to cut the air hot! but dry, not humid. I stepped outside and I was all like, woah! thats hella hot!

Anyway, after work I went n checked my UAI, which is the "mark" out of 100 that you get at the end of your final year of school, and which you use to get into uni. I got 83.9! yay! I was pretty happy with that, but how much better does 84 sound that 83.9?! ptch! lol! I guess though, I should be grateful for such a good score. Benny got 83.1, so I am really happy for him!

Last night we went and saw peter pan which was ok... except that all the best parts of the movie were pretty much in condensed form in the trailer, so we could have saved $7.00! Seriously. The movie itself was also condensed, in that they didn't really explore certain character's motives or anything. But any hoodie... moving right along

Tonight I am going to dinner at Benno's house, with his parents and his grandma, so I have to look extra special etc :) I have to go get ready for that so this is me signing off for now. I did this quiz yesterday, to see which starsign I should date! and surprise surprise, it was SCORPIO! lol

You should be dating a Scorpio.

23 October - 21 November
Your mate is passionately caring, dynamic and sensual. Though he or she can be self destructive, ruthless or overbearing, the scorpion's sex life involves releasing his/her most pent-up passions.
What Zodiac Sign Are You Attracted To?
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