Pink Sugar Princess
- Monday, December 15, 2003
hoi hoi.. today was my first shift at maccas and it went ok, I was on fries the whole day, and wondering whether steff would love or hate doing it! making fries for 3 hours is.. interesting, in a boring way... hee hee.. anyway, my stress that my ex-work mates or ex-boyfriend might see me working there and pay me out about it (either to their friends or my other ex-workmates...) didn't happen today, but seriously, what could be more embarrassing? because those maccas pants SERIOUSLY come up to the armpits! ok, so just where your actual waist is, but it just isn't right in any case.

So yeah, Benno was on when I was working and we both finished at 2 and went and got subway before he came over and we relaxed n stuff for an hour or two before going and getting an icecream down the road. It was a good day.

I tidied my room because my mum is getting someone over tomorrow morning to evaluate our house and she wants it to look nice so I took the opportunity to get rid of even more school stuff that I don't want to have to deal with, so yeah...

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