Pink Sugar Princess
- Thursday, December 04, 2003
I found this on the emotion eric forum - how good is this survey thing! well I decided to answer the questions!

I AM: Rosie

I WANT: happiness

I HAVE: a wonderful boyfriend

I WISH: I didn't do such dumb stuff sometimes

I HATE: that I never forget an insult

I MISS: my guineapigs

I FEAR: that I will become more bitter and evil the older I get

I HEAR: hey ya by Outkast

I SEARCH: for what is missing in my life

I WONDER: how other people see me

I REGRET: not seeing the truth earlier

I LOVE: my boyfriend, my family and my friends - and starbucks caramel frappucchino!

I ALWAYS: put on mascara before I leave the house

I AM NOT: a person who has high self esteem

I DANCE: like no one is watching when I have been drinking!

I SING: when I'm driving in the car or when people can't hear me

I CRY: easily when I have my period

I AM NOT ALWAYS: honest, but I try!

I WRITE: romantic short stories in secret!

I WIN: arguments with my boyfriend about which movie we'll watch

I LOSE: arguments with my boyfriend about how things happened

I CONFUSE: people when I speak quickly

I NEED: lots of affection and hugs

I SHOULD: go to the gym more often

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Name: Rosie
Nick: Pinksugar
DOB: 22/06/1985
Stars: Cancer
Likes: pink, clothes, shopping, music, coffee, books, cocktails, GLOW WORMS!
Hates: mean people, liars, zucchini, bolshy mothers
Career: Receptionist at Fitness First; at Uni doing Bsc/Ba - Natural History, Culture & Museum studies

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