Pink Sugar Princess
- Tuesday, December 23, 2003

ok, so it's not really christmas yet, but I finished my christmas shopping today! my dad drove mum into the city to where she works and then he dropped me off outside david jones, and thence began my quest for:

extra bits for dad

extra bit for mum, and new undies to replace the ones I ruined

Ben's whole present

the ability to shove thru slow people wandering around like 2 year olds


I don't think I got everything on my list, but most of them I had a good go at!
For Ben's pressie, I seriously looked everywhere, but I got a bargain! I can't say what I got him, because he reads this ^^;;

Aaaanyway, I got mum 2 new pairs of bonds undies, a g and a bikini pair, so I could screen print onto them. (I managed to ruin the pair I bought first! they got burnt when I was heat setting them last night, and the paint bled when I was painting the design. So they went into the dustbin!)

then I went and got dad a bottle of beer as the extra little bit to be added to his original present. I got mum some nail files in a teeny tiny match-book style cover (they have a perforated line at the bottom so you can rip them out of the book!)

and ben a pressie too. I searched EVERYWHERE for contact to use as a template for mum's undies design but nowhere had it so I gave up. I used my subway card to get my free sub for lunch and while I was waiting for mum to finish work I used my starbucks card and got a caramel frappuchino.

Then mum came and met me and we got the bus back together, stopping in randwick for the contact I couldn't find in the city.

I did the designs on them this afternoon freehand after I accidentally did the designs backwards, and was unable to stick the contact on unless I wanted the words the wrong way round.

They are plain white bonds undies, and the g has F*H*Q written on it (standing for family history queen, as my mum devotes all her spare time to family history) and the bikini pair has JMS on it, which are mum's initials.

I also wrapped Benny's pressie and appart from wrapping mum's undies after I've heat set them, all my presents are ready to go! yay for me.

So that was all that happened today. Yesterday I was working all day at maccas and very organizational it was too. Don't start me on the manager there because he is a DICK, to the extreme, but a total pansy to guys because he is a mofo PUSSY ya hear me bitch? P U S S Y! thats right!

lol. I've done my little rant now. None of the girls like him, for the forementioned reasons! haha.. moving along... I like working there appart from him. They gave me a pin today! yay! you get pins (to put on your tie) for doing well or completing a certain level of excellence.. the store manager was impressed with me! I like her! lol!

anyway, I gotta go have dinner now, but that was the last 2 days! *hugs* guys!

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