Pink Sugar Princess
- Monday, December 22, 2003
ok, phew! its been like another of those massive last couple of days again, so I'll tell all!

well, i worked at the garden centre all day, it was a really good day, very good conversation and everything, and when I got home I got ready to go out, called ben to come over and drove my parents out to hella middle of nowhere for my dad's work christmas party. Then Ben and I drove to his friend Luke's house for a BBQ celebrating Luke's mum's birthday. After arguing in the car about where the hell we were going, and how exactly we could get to Luke's house, we got there and because I was driving I stayed totally sober, but I still had a good time! I jumped in the pool with all my clothes on, (I was scared they'd push me in otherwise!) and I cooked everyone chicken kebabs because trusting such drunk people with a hot BBQ didn't seem an option...

Ben and I went home around 2 and we crawled out of bed today (sunday) at around 11:30.

today we dragged outselves out to the city to christmas shop and I got dad's - a pair of $30.00 running socks he has wanted for a while, and also mum's - a pair of underwear and some purple paint (her fave colour) for me to personalise them with, but I dunno what to write on them yet... maybe her initials, I can't decide!

we had lunch at subway as soon as we arrived because we were starved (I ate sooo much today! really!) and we got coffee after a while to sustain us!

anyway, we looked for a sexy clubbing top that I decided I should buy after I lost half my body weight in sweat last time we went out (the top I want is one of those ones which is like a bikini top and a square below that, so basically a front but just strings at the back) but we didn't find it, I'll have to check out eastgardens. Um, what else?

We went and met Stuffnik, John and Theo and talked to them for a while, and then we went home, and Ben bought me some gorgeous tiny yellow roses! how sweet!

we went home and slept, and when we woke up we drove to Ben's house to collect my favourite top that had got left there, and put his work clothes in the wash for tomorrow, and then we drove to The Spot to have dinner.

We went to the new Italian resstaurant/cafe which has a really nice outside seating area off the street so you can people-watch. The food was soo good! we shared a caesar chicken salad, and then Benny had Spaghetti bolognese, and I had a steak.

For desert I had the coolest thing! it was coconut flavoured icecream, in a half-coconut shell! and they let me take it home! HOW HELLA COOL is that!

*ahem* anyway, we walked back to the car and looked at all the pretty christmas lights, and then I drove Ben home and when we were kissing goodbye, the car drifted forwards because the hand break slipped and it scared the bejesus out of us! (we were in it luckily!) anyway, then I drove home and showed everyone my cool coconut shell and talked to Ben on the phone. God, this is a long entry! so yah, that was my last couple of days, and since I'm working tomorrow at 9 I'm going to bed now!

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