Pink Sugar Princess
- Tuesday, December 02, 2003
Phew... blogging is exhausting. For the last 8 hours or so I have been looking for somewhere that will host my measly 3 pictures for free - but most sites dont allow you to do this as 'hotlinking' as it is called, slows down viewing time for everyone else on that server.

Anyway, I finally got one - I am hoping its working because its the last time I am looking!

Well, what happened today? my mum and I went shopping for christmas presents. Basically, my sister and I each get $200 and we go and get the items we want, which my mum then takes and wraps, so we dont see them again til christmas.

Anyway, we went to the city and I ended up getting a round barrelled hairbrush, some shoes that I have loved for aaaages... some clothes, a pink lamp for my bedroom and a mini tv/radio - the screen is only 5.5 inches wide and it is in black and white - it can be battery powered! its so cute!

I was trying on a dress in one shop, which had a hidden zip up the back, and a tight waist and body, with a flaring skirt. Anyway, the zip got stuck and my mum and I couldn't get it off! I couldn't pull the dress over my head because the waist was too small! it was a nightmare! the ladies in the store had to come and help and I think they had to break the zip! I was really scared I was going to be stuck in that dress forever!

Mmm.. what else? we got starbucks and I tried some of my mum's gingerbread frappucchino, which they sprinkle nutmeg over, rather than gingerbread sauce (like a caramel frappucchino!) it was ok, but caramel is still the best. It really tasted like gingerbread though... which was weird!

Appart from that, nothing really happened. But how cool is this - you can buy BOTTLED caramel frappucchinos from starbucks' online store! COOL! you could stock your fridge and become a hermit! woohyah!

anyway, I'm exhausted from all this hotlinking hoo-ha. Nightie night

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