Pink Sugar Princess
- Tuesday, January 06, 2004
Hey dudes! so today I went shopping with my buddy stuffnik and we did all the usual girly stuff, shopping for clothing and getting caramel frappuchinos from starbucks and calypso crunches from new zealand icecream... any hoodies..

Jaques her boyfriend met us and we did some more shopping, I got a top to go clubbing in! yes, another one! woot, its white with silvery grey lines and also some see-thru lines, but dun worry its tame as tame! so yah, after that, I bought a huuuge bag of cherries and we sat around talking, and then we went home!

I went over to my Benny's house and we watched the cricket [ -_-; ] and snuggled for a while, and then we went out for dinner at my new favourite thai restaurant - Chao Praya which was cool! anyway, then I drove home and that was my day. Tomorrow I'm working from 8. Which is a ridiculous time to start and no one should be awake at that time, in my op. So yah, that was my day! how was yours?

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Name: Rosie
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Career: Receptionist at Fitness First; at Uni doing Bsc/Ba - Natural History, Culture & Museum studies

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