Pink Sugar Princess
- Sunday, January 11, 2004
Hey dudes, today I was working at 9:30 an I woke up feeling like crap! it's really bad to mix different types of alcohol when you're drinking and the stupid bar person gave me BOURBON instead of GIN. I was like, omg, what the hell? they're totally different! there is no way you could mix them up! anyway, the bourbon, gin and vodka combo didn't do much for my stomach this morning but I dragged off to work and it was an ok day. Just catching up on my blog and what not now... which is good, I'm working again tomorrow so it's nice to just have time to relax before then.

Anyway, that was my day, I finished my film from my camera, so I have to take it in to get processed tomorrow! *excited squeal*

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Name: Rosie
Nick: Pinksugar
DOB: 22/06/1985
Stars: Cancer
Likes: pink, clothes, shopping, music, coffee, books, cocktails, GLOW WORMS!
Hates: mean people, liars, zucchini, bolshy mothers
Career: Receptionist at Fitness First; at Uni doing Bsc/Ba - Natural History, Culture & Museum studies

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