Pink Sugar Princess
- Wednesday, January 14, 2004
Hey dudes..

today I worked 8-2 with the usual assortment of complaining jerks and incapable old people. It was an ok shift, but I was sooo deaf and tired. I finished work and Benno came over for a while and then I walked most of the way home with him, in the rain ^_^
It was fun.. after I got back I watched the end of the telemovie - the audrey hepburn story that I have been watching bits of on and off for days now! it was pretty good! Durn she had an interesting life! and she sounds like she was an interesting person! but dude, I REALLY don't think she was all that attractive. AND.. she had the weirdest voice! But I still like the movies she was in...

Anyhoodie, after that I drove over to Ben's to pick up the dvd copy of snatch that he borrowed from me from when we took movies out. I returned them and came home in time for dinner.. and that was pretty much my entire day... pretty boring. But I had my new hair cut up in a pony tail for the first time and it worked out fine! it's long enough to put up which is great because I don't think I can wear it down at work. Hrmm.. lol.

Anyway, I have a couple of free days now, until sunday, so yeah! Buzz me if you're bored! mwah!

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