Pink Sugar Princess
- Monday, January 05, 2004
Hey dudes. Today I worked, which was hella tiring.

After work my mum and I drove over the the optomertrist because I need to get new contact lenses, but they were closed! they're not open til 27th of January! I'll be blind before then! ARG! so anyway, yeah, I dunno exactly what I'm going to do about that, hrmm hrmm hrmm.

Any hoodles, what else? tomorrow is one of my 2 days off this working week - I really wanted to get a haircut and my eyebrows reshaped but maybe I'll just go into the city or something with someone. I need to buy a friend a present because it's her 18th, but yeah. That's about it.

The bachelor is on tonight! right now! so I will go and watch and eat dinner and you can read all about tomorrow, tomorrow! bai bai!

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