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- Thursday, January 08, 2004
hey everyone! yesterday I was at work so I din really post. After work, Benny and I went out for dinner at Cafe Piatsa, our new favourite restaurant, and then we went to hire movies, at video ezy! we got out session 9 which was really freaky and scary! (heh, well ok, slightly suspensful then!)

it was about a group of hazardous material removal people who were removing asbestos from an insane assylum! and anyway, I dun wanna ruin the story! but its freaky and they show someone with a frontal lobotomy! which is where they stick this thing through your eye into your brain.. it was like, a really popular way of relaxing those patients who were aggressive... except you'd be like a vegitable... well, ok, not really, but like, mentally retarded - not surprising cos they took out some of your brain!

anyhoodie, we also got a knight's tale and ten things I hate about you and snatch which we had seen before but wanted to see again, and there was some deal on 3 weekly movies and 1 overnight.

ANYWAY! we went and got drinks at the coach and horses, and I got vodka lemon lime and bitters, which was really nice. I think it would be nice with gin too, I will try that next time, but I'm scared they'll look at me weird! anyway, go try lemon lime and bitters alone! its really nice! and if they make it wrong, it comes with all this red stuff at the top and transparent at the bottom - they haven't mixed it :D

So this morning Benno went to work and I had a million things to do! so I went over to eastgardens to ask about new contact lenses, but you have to make an appointment and the phone number I was given for them was wrong. PTCH! otherwise I woulda called em yesterday, but I couldn't get through. Hmmph

So I made an appointment for 5, and then I went to my friend Celia's house to pick up my photo albumn that I left in her boyfriend's car when we all went out on new year's eve. So I collected it and we had a nice chat, and then I realised that it was 1:15! and I had my eyebrow appointment at 2.. so I drove home, picked up my diary and some stuff I'd need and drove to get my eyebrows fixed..

And then I went and returned our overnight video and I have just come back to relax for a while now before I have to go out again for my optomertrist appointment. I'm telling ya. Busy day today. Phew... its so hot too! anyway, thats all for now...

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