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- Tuesday, January 13, 2004
Hey everyone... today I was once again very busy!

I woke up and called 2 of my oldest friends to see if they were free to go for coffee, but neither were, so I was disappointed, but Steff, one of previously stated oldest friends said she had my xmas present ready! so I had to go out to buy hers!

Before I went to buy it, my mum asked me to go and look at a house with her that was up for sale. The university wants to buy our land and if we have to move, we want to have a fair idea of the price we can expect for our property, and also what there is available for us to move into.

The house was very nice and I can well imagine living there, but I don't know if it will really happen. We won't know for a while yet how everything will work out.

After we saw the house, we went into the city together and chose out my present for Stuffnik, which was a stencil that is restickable with all different styles of S on it, and 3 shirts (green, khaki and brown - she likes army stuff!) and some paint, because she loves to do designs on shirts.

We had lunch at subway and then we had to rush back to our house so I could get to my hair cutting appointment at 3:30 in time.

I got my hair cut, and it looks really good! even if the fringe thing is gonna get in my face all the time, I still love it! Anyway, after that I drove home via Ben's house to show the style to him, and he liked it, and then I went and picked up Steff's present from my mum who had wrapped it for me, isn't she an angel?

So then I went over to Steff's and we talked, and opened our presents, and whatnot... she gave me some pink personalized underwear! lol... they have my name on in white with little hearts around it.. and she also gave me a pink photo frame she decorated herself, to look like a window, with little organza curtains and a pink heart at the top, and a wire curtain rail, it's very imaginative and cute!

the last thing she gave me was from her and jaques, and is a pink candle in the shape of 2 people... hugging! well... they're more like naked people having sex, but it's so cool! yes, I rang up Ben and told him they gave me a pornographic candle! lol. I remember seeing it in the candle shop in the Rocks and thinking how amazing it was, and Stuffnik remembered too! so she bought it, lol.

I loved your pressie Stuffers! it was very creative and beautiful. I hope she gets use out of my present, I put a lot of thought into it, lol.

Anyway, that was pretty much my day, tomorrow I'm working 8 until 2, so I dunno. Prolly going to be very tired. Don't need the stress of my uniform still being in the wash either! anyway, that's all for now! bye!

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