Pink Sugar Princess
- Monday, January 12, 2004
Mmm.. today was a weird day... it started off really bad, but I guess it got a bit better!

SO to start off with, I was walking to work, and my shoes broke! my poor thongs! so I had to buy new thongs! (well any type of new shoe! cos I couldn't wear my broken ones) so I had to throw the old ones away, which made me sad. My new ones are baby pink havaianas, but they're not as smart as my old ones (they were silver, so more going outey!)

but anyway... so I got to work, and everyone was all stressed cos our big boss was coming in... and I did all this dumb stuff, like forgot to put a filter in the coffee machine, and didn't watch the shake machine closely and so din notice when the machine didn't automatically stop and therefore getting shake evvverywhere...

And the thing that catches all the drips from the icecream and thickshakes was broken at both ends, so no matter way you tipped it to stop the thickshake mess getting out, it got out. So I had pink milkshake mix all over the floor, in a trail to the sink!

Ahh.. I love my job...

Anyway, I went on my break and I had to run all over the place to get this and that and whatnot, so I ended up being more tired than before my break. But definately less hungry, phew.

Finally I got to go home and my Benny came over to my house to see me. He got his hair cut today and it looks weird! so used to it being long that it looks kind of... short now! but I still like it. I can't wait til he puts gel in it again! yay! he can use my xmas present to him! (well, one of them!)

so yah, I also picked up my film from the developers, from when we all went to Thredbo... they're very funny and cute..

And tonight for dinner our cousin Joanne is coming over. Hrmm.. She's over here from england and she's older than me and my sister, so I dunno. It's weird! but yeah...

thats all for now! sorry Stuffnik, no surveys for you to "borrow" LOL! bye for now!

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