Pink Sugar Princess
- Saturday, January 10, 2004
Ok, so today Benny and I went shopping to get him clothes. We found 2 cheap tops in Giordano, both blue, which he got, and he also bought a pair of denim shorts that were on sale, and a really expensive plain white top which looks hella good on him, so its ok.

I just bought my friend Jasmine's birthday present. We had lunch at Oporto's, and when we came back from the city, we got ready to go out and meet Ben's friends from Orange, who are down here to stay for a while.

We had dinner at subway, and then we met up with Michael and Ben (another Ben!) and we showed them some stuff that sydney has, like the Bacardi festival, and the Darling Harbour sports bar, because Orange doesn't have a sports bar, and they'd never been in one.

After that we went to the Pavillion Hotel which has $2.50 drinks for 8 til 12, which is sooo cheap! we waited for Celia, Manik and Jasmine to show up, as we were there to celebrate Jasmine's birthday. I gave her the present I bought her and we just had a good time getting really drunk and dancing and talking n stuff.

Ben and I got a taxi home at around 1:30.

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