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- Wednesday, January 28, 2004
Omg been so busy again... I tellsya!

I had the day off so Ben and I went to the city and watched Titanic: Ghosts of the Abyss 3D at the Imax in darling harbour. We also did some shopping at Paddie's markets and all the factory outlet stores upstairs in market city, and Ben bought some stuff.

I went to work on sat and afterwards Ben came over, had dinner at our house and then we had drinks at the hibiscus lounge which is at coogee, with Ben's friend Ziyaad and my friend Celia.

Benny and I went with mum to look at double beds and after we bought one, we went shopping for sheets, doonas, extra pillows and donna covers etc... all pink or white because they are going in my room, lol. Ben and I went and saw Along came Polly at the ritz sun night.

Today was the australia day holiday so I worked at the garden centre for double time and a half which was cool. In the afternoon I went over to Ben's and we watched Legally Blonde 2 at his house and ate takeaway chopsticks for dinner.

Today I worked all day on my uni timetable, 10 until 4 and still din get it all done! so then Ben came over and we walked up to the Macca's crew meeting together. I got 2 awards, which I was very stoked about! I got 2 more badges for my tie, yay! The awards I got were Rookie of december or best new person for that month, and also an award for being the fastest register person, which I tied with someone else, so yay for us!

Today I worked all day and it was tiring and stressful because the boss of the boss of the boss came in and stuff. So I got another badge because we all did so well, and lots of other people got them too. Ben said this is not common, to have so many badges handed out all the time, so we must be doing something right!
Also... a guy came up looking all serious and asked for a tray liner and a pen after I said there was no eftpos.. I seriously thought he was going to write to head office or something! but he gave me a piece of paper saying "call me... Vicktor" and his number! The whole crew including me couldn't believe someone would do that! how crazy! but anyway, I was very flattered, but I won't ring him because I have my wonderful benny bee! but yah... the crazy customers I get! lol. Anyway, that's all for now, appart from my double bed being delivered! it's huge! I tellsya! its so much higher than my other bed, I keep feeling like I need a step to get up to it! it's so massive! I can almost lie sideways on it without sticking off... I'm so excited, I get to sleep in it tonight! yay! anyway, thats it so nightie night!

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