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- Wednesday, January 21, 2004
Omg, I've done that whole, didn't write for a week now gotta write everything up in one go thing again...

ok, so this was the past week!

THUR 15th

Went to the city with my mum to look at wool patterns and wallets and photo frames, and we ended up having lunch at starbucks... tried the new strawberries and cream frappucchino which I din like! it din have coffee so it felt a little pointless, lol.

FRI 16th

Well, I dunno what I did all day, but Ben worked today and after work we met up with his friend Michael from Orange, and went and had Oporto's for dinner which he had never had before...

After that we went to starbucks, and then went and saw Welcome to the Jungle which was pretty ok.. one of those movies with some hits and some misses, humour-wise, but overall reasonably good, I guess

We went and got a couple of drinks at the pavillion (which is a bar which serves $2.50 drinks from 8-12!) and then me and Ben felt tired so we went home, even though I think Michael would have been happy to stay out later.

So I stayed over at Ben's house and dude, we were so tired... I fell asleep before we even got into bed almost!

SAT 17th

Today we went to Fox Studios Market and Ben tried to buy me a bunch of chillis as a present... freaky! and what else? they have a subway there now! which was cool, we got lunch there, and ate on the grass, with lots of ants... thing was... there was like, 7 people serving at the subway, and it still took a million years to get our subs! none of them knew what they were doing! I guess they were all new! but they ran out of BBQ sauce and lettuce and din put enough tomato on... I'm telling ya!

I also bought a CD single for $3.00! yay! so I was happy...

Anyway after that we went home and later we went out to Thai Fire Fry at the spot for dinner, which was nice, but not so much as chao praya I don't think, but still very nice.

SUN 18th

Today it was Benny and I's 1 year 3 month anniversary... and I forgot to NA! so I was working... ugh... a cockeroach fell in my hair! EWWW! it ws really scary, lol - I should get compensation! anyway, After work, Ben was a sweetheart and we went to the Blackstump for steak! yay!

Then because the University offers were coming out in an early edition of the Newspapers, we went down to Coogee, shared a cookies and cream thickshake and waited around for 9:30 to come when the paper would come out.

While we were waiting we drove the the Clovelly car park which has a beautiful view over Coogee Beach and the water, and we sat in the car and talked. I was amazed how full the carpark was and we tried to see if any of the cars were bouncing, but none were! lol...

Anyway, the papers came out and some girls were screaming just as I was reverse parking into a space in the Service Station Carpark, and I thought I'd run someone down! but no... it was just the girls excited about uni offers. (Ptch! scare the bejesus out of me! haha)

We went back to my house with our papers and looked at our offers and then we looked up every person we could think of for their offers! lol. After doing all that, I drove Ben home. It felt weird not sleeping with 2 in a bed.

MON 19th

Today I worked from 8-2. I was quite tired, so I felt a bit down. I called mum and we got coffee at Gloria J's afterwards though, which made me feel better. Then we went and got some bits and pieces for dinner and stuff and went home. I slept as soon as I got home pretty much. Durn but I was tired!

TUE 20th

Hrmm.. Today I worked and Benno came over this afternoon. My mum read our tarot, and it was an interesting reading. Then when Ben left I did a reading for my sister Anna. Then I went and slept til dinner.

That was pretty much all. It was a boring day, except Andrew the big big boss came in today. I guess I should be flattered that they roster me whenever he's been coming in reccently... I dunno, maybe they have no control over when he says he'll come and it's been me just by accident, not design. But... I couldn't go on my break until after he left, and he stayed for ages! so I was hungry! ptch! what a jerk! haha, I guess he din know and it's not his fault, but... I'm telling ya!

So that was my week. I really should try to just do one post for one day, shouldn't I? oh well... Tomorrow is pay day! yay! lol. Night all!

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