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- Thursday, January 01, 2004
So last night for new years eve, Ben and I met up with a friend of mine, Celia and her boyfriend Theo. He drove us to Rosebay where we watched the 9:00 pm fireworks over the harbour bridge, then we drove into the city, dropped his car off at his mum's work carpark and walked down to circular quay. There were sooo many people there I was surprised when this morning it wasn't reported people died in there. I certainly thought I was going to! we managed to get out, and ended up watching the fireworks from the rocks.

After that, we went to Jackson's on George St, which is a club that Theo had won 4 tickets to on the radio. We got invited because his friends didn't turn up and we were just there, in the right place at the right time as it were. It was really really packed in there, and the DJ butchered the songs he put on in my opinion, so we left pretty soon after that, and Theo's mum ended up giving us a lift home.

Ben slept over and we were soo tired, my feet were so sore from my shoes I thought I had crippled myself for life!

anyway, today, we slumped around, got lunch at randwick, and in the afternoon, watched Love Actually at the Ritz. It was a very good movie, I enjoyed it a lot, and it even had a good soundtrack, not just a good story!

Ben went home after the movie, and mum, dad and I went out to dinner at the spot. We went to a thai restaurant called Chao Praya Thai restaurant which was really nice, heaps of food, and cheap! I got chicken and cashew nut with jasmine rice. And i finally lived my dream of trying fried icecream, so I was happy. We came home and I talked to my Benny on the phone for a while.

Here is my TO DO list of the moment!:

- get new contact lenses - my old ones are deteriorating, and I can't see out well!
- get a hair cut! - its at that length where it is just a bit too long or short to look good, so I wanna get it cut again, so that it flicks naturally off my shoulders.
- write up all my thank you notes for christmas - I've done most of these, but I've still got a couple!
- get my eyebrows reshaped! - the lady who did them last wasn't as good as the woman who did it the first time, and she told me to let certain parts grow out, so I didn't pluck in case I did the wrong bit. So now I need to go back and let the original woman fix them up. Her name is Deane and she was the BOMB!

I'm going to feel so much prettier and better about myself when I've done all that! I was even thinking of getting coloured contacts, maybe purple (violet)... it's close enough to my natural colour (blue) to look almost natural! I dunno, I wish you could try them before you buy them, so you know what they look like.

Anyway, tomorrow I'm working at maccas, so I'm going to go to bed! nightie night

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