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- Thursday, January 22, 2004
So today me, my mum and Ben went to accept my uni offer, and Ben's uni offer. We had to get there at 9:30 and so we set off and it took 2 buses - one to the city, and another to the uni, which is macquarie uni.

We accepted our offers and went to a welcome session designed to help new students with the complex system of the time table, and the layout of the uni... all the stuff you'd actually need to know as a first time student there. It was really cold in the lecture hall because it was so hot outside, so I was freezing.

After the talk, which was at least 2 hours long, we went to the macquarie centre, which is a shopping centre as large as the one at miranda, and just as complicated in layout. We got lunch at subway, and then some people from the radio station came up and handed out free things to people, like poppers, bags of chips and stickers and tee shirts. I got a CD for answering the last question the guys could think of - what shopping centre were they at. I was so stoked to answer a question I answered it loudest and it must have been pretty funny to watch...

so yay! I got enrique iglesias' CD 7 for free! so... I wouldn't have gone and bought it or anything, but still, its worth at least $25.00 and I got it for nothing. It was very exciting, lol - I've never got anything like that for free!

so then we got the bus back and I thought i would melt and stick to the seat, it was so hot... we got back to the city and went to starbucks for cold coffee and to sit for a while, and then we got the bus back home. Ben got off at randwick and went to work and I went home with mum via the spot. It was a very busy and hot day and mum and I tried to figure out my uni timetable, but its very complex - I basically have to sort out my time table for all 4 of my course, rather than just my first year, because of all the prerequisites and core subjects and STUFF! ugh. But still, the uni is nice and it was a very thorough and complete welcome to give to first year students - very helpful.

I gave up on the time table after a while, it just played with my head, so I slept all afternoon. That was the whole day. Very exhausting. And I'm working so much next week - I'm working saturday and holiday monday at the garden centre, as well as 3 days at maccas during the rest of that week.

BUSY! and very happy that I will get lots of money. Well that is everything for now, night!

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