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My perfect date - Thursday, February 19, 2004
Today was relaxed and romantic. I got up late and Ben and I went to eat lunch at Randwick. Then we got the bus to the city where we got starbucks and walked down to circular quay. We checked out the NEXT huge boat in the harbour (I can't believe its been like 3 this week, I've only ever seen 1 in 18 years before this!) and then got the ferry to Darling harbour. We looked at the outside of home which is a night club we've heard a lot about. We were not particularly impressed but I can see us going and checking it out some weekend soon!

We wandered along until we got to paddie's markets and then Ben wanted to look for a new phone (being as his old one doesn't have a working 7 key!) We looked around and checked out the prices walking the length and bredth of the city, and finally went back to the Dick Smith Electronics store we looked at almost first! I still had such a nice day though, wandering around and stuff.

We came back and had dinner at my house and Benny is staying over tonight. Then Luke our friend and one of the managers at maccas rang and asked me to start at 8 tomorrow instead of 10. Back to reality...

Anyway, this is the star princess hamilton we saw on valentines day...

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