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- Thursday, February 05, 2004
Today was very busy and also a bit stressful, although still fun. Jasmine and I went to the city together to get to Miranda shopping centre.
The first thing that happened was that we got the train, but it didn't actually turn off for Miranda! so we had to get off, get a train back to the turnoff point and get on another train. We did finally get to the shopping centre and were relieved to be able to reward ourselves with frappucchinos at starbucks!

we wandered around, got lunch (wondering aloud where the tacobell menu was in time to be informed it had been shut down in december) and after numerous hours decided to go home. Between the two of us we bought me a pink bag to replace my everyday handbag that had been chewed by Ben's bird... we got a pretty good bargain - a cab55 bag for $20!

on the way home we were screwed around because of a gas leak and a million people were trying to get into central which was being closed off due to the influx of people.. it was totally crazy - mounted police, police cars and those army-type policepersons too! we think it must have been more than just a gas leak, but we never found out what it was.

We decided that trying to get out of the city would be impossible so we rang our respective families and partners which the change of plan, and got dinner. We finally went home, and the bus driver almsot ran over a drunk guy that leapt into the road, almost flinging standing passengers through the windscreen! so all in all, we were pretty durn sick of public transport today. We still had a great time :D

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