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Weekly Rant - Tuesday, February 24, 2004
Mkay, so here is my rant for today... what is WITH people who complain about having no money, blah di blah, "oh I'm so broke! it sucks!" when they refuse to actually search for a job! or... they go for one interview and give up.. OR!!! they only get jobs from their parent's friends?! I seem to know heaps of people like this and it's crazy! what the hell! it's like... quit bitching and get a job if you feel poor! and here is the bit that is the most frustrating.. I've offered them jobs! it's like, yes, I know, maccas, considered the lowest of the low... but if you don't have enough for a busfare... and the other thing! don't come whingeing to me when you don't have any money and all your friends have offered you jobs but they're 'not good enough for you' hmph. FRUSTRATING! down with cheap bastards who won't get jobs! lol.

That's my rant for today... apart from that, nothing exciting to say except the BF and me are having dinner tonight and I've got to drive my parents who are also going out to dinner, and then pick them up later. Oh what an exciting life I lead!

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