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The Bus Horror Saga Continues... - Thursday, March 18, 2004
Today was the BF and I's 16 month anniversary! Ben was at work and I was at uni so we didn't really get to talk or see each other during the day. I started home from uni at 4.00 pm and didn't get home til after 6.30! It took the bus I was on an hour and a half to get to the city from Macquarie!

That is because it went via hunters hill, meadow bank, kissing point and gladesville! half way around the world to get back to the goddern city I tells ya! and something else weird! the bus driver just sat and stopped the bus for like 15 mins for no reason! (I assume, as the BF did that he was mega early and had to get back on the schedule or something)

AAAAaanyhoo... so I finally got to circular quay, got starbucks, and got the bus home, then the BF and I went out for dinner at the Cafe Ciao, one of the many italian restaurants in the Spot. It was very nice and afterwards we got icecream from the convenience store (how totally romantic) actually I got 2 fruits - the healthy alternative... supposedly!

anyway, it was a nice evening, and I've been doing some uni work. I finally managed to figure out how to print the lecture notes so they are 4 to a page and not too small. The graphics are still hard to read though... I hope I've printed the right one.

Tomorrow in comp prac I have to design a webpage and hand it in for marking! do you think I can show them this one? It really would save a lot of time... oh well.. my prac is early tomorrow so that's it for now! night night!

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