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Can Too Much Caffiene Be a Bad Thing? - Friday, March 19, 2004
Remind me not to drink coffee in the morning again. I've gone all jumpy and weird and that really sucks when you're handtyping (plus copy pasting) code for comp class. I hate writing out code to begin with, and then, trying to do it while your hands are all shaking means lots of mistakes which sucks. And my leg is jiggling. It's the only way I can slow my hands down enough to write this sensibly. Ugh! NO MORE COFFEE!

And we all know how that promise will go... *visualizes afternoon break at Starbucks...* You know, I hate that the macquarie centre has everything, including a starbucks store! I never want to go home because it takes so long and crazy bus drivers make you go via Africa to get to Circular Quay.

Anyway, I'm totally not tired now, so I thought I'd post because tonight I'm working and tomorrow I start work at 8:30, which is by the way, just criminal. Who would want plants at that time of day? I have no clue, but I think they should be shot unless they are forced to do it as part of their job. And who does that type of job on a saturday? exactly.

The only good thing about working today and tomorrow and having worked on tuesday is that I can visualize all the money I will recieve on tuesday and friday, the respective pay days of my 2 jobs, Maccas and the Garden Centre.

I think that's all for now. Later tonight or maybe tomorrow night I will put up a photo of my new hair cut, in place of the wonderful, sexy Ben who looks very dreamy in that photo - it reminds me of the cover of the virgin suicides video!

Anyway, that should be all for now. I'm going to be horrified when I read this tonight and see how totally caffienated I was this morning! Long live coffee and caffiene! *kiss* Til later!

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