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Don't get dehydrated! - Monday, March 08, 2004
Phew. I haven't posted for a while. I've been pretty busy over the weekend, and I haven't been feeling too well reccently either so I haven't felt like it.

Friday I had uni and that evening the BF and I had a quiet night in.
On saturday we went out to the city in the rain and bought a black and silver playboy phone cover for the new phone. It was a pretty quiet day and we both spent the rest of it looking at clothes.
Sunday I went to work at 8:30 and because it was so wet, there were very few customers or anything. Sunday night Ben stayed over again and I was so tired I fell asleep in all my clothes but I kept waking up so I was very tired today.

Today was my one-hour at uni day which feels like such a waste of time. It was so hot today that when I was on the bus I could hardly breathe and I felt really sick because the bus driver was crazy and drove at 60 km plus over speed bumps AND stopped at every stop, but drove really fast between them meaning we were bumped around when he screeched to a halt at every stop.

I met the BF in the city and we had lunch together. Mum smsed me and she said she thought I must be dehydrated when I told her how I felt. I waited with the BF til his bus for uni came and then I wandered around dymocks and stuff for a while. I got an idea for part of the present I want to give Ben for our monthiversary which is coming up.

I got on the bus and mum called and said she was going to eastgardens, so I asked her to wait for me so I could come too. We went and she bought new slippers, I bought new casual shoes for uni.

So that was today. Tomorrow I'm working and then I'm supposed to be having coffee with jasmine.. I dunno if I'll post. Until then....

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