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Has anyone ever heard of Email? - Thursday, March 04, 2004
Today I had a lecture and a practical at uni. The lecture was a computer studies one, and it really began to go downhill when the lecturer said

so, email stands for electronic mail. Has anyone ever used email?

or maybe it was

the 'to' line is where the person recieving the mail's name is. The 'from' line is who is sending the mail. That will be you.


In the prac the lecturer said he would give us an 'early mark' because it was our first one. We had to make a list of what food we would take with us if we were going to mars. My group wasn't really into it so we didn't have that good of a list. After all, if I go to mars, isn't NASA gonner do me a fancy list of food to take? as if I'll be making my own shopping list!

Appart from that, the only exciting thing was that on Average Joe Marlena chose ADAM! as well as that other dude.. Adam is my favourite :D I'm so excited he made the final two!

And that was my day. Soo.... how many of you have heard of email? the world wide web?

... just checking.

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