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My new clique (+ their friends and friends friends...) - Friday, March 12, 2004
Have you ever thought... that something is so good it can't possibly be real and you're just waiting to screw it up? I felt like that today!

It's like all of a sudden I have 4 new friends in one day. Freaky. Three of us (Kat, Me, Alex) finished lectures at the same time so we went to the maquarie centre for coffee and talk and whatnot, for hours and hours, and then met up with the other girls (Jordan and Sarah) who finished a bit later than us.

We had drinks at the uni bar in the evening but ended up in the deserted car park outside one of the girls' cars with all the doors open, talking and listening to music and the like...

from then on we slowly dwindled in numbers and I ended up having something to eat with Sarah and Jordan, the two girls left before they drove home together, and I got the bus to the city, and then home.

Considering all the things that went wrong (some guy changed the channel on the bigscreen tv from tolerable music videos to boring cricket - not even a game but some random guy like a team owner or something giving a speech, and the bar running out of vodka because of the big party the night before etc) it did end up pretty well.

I felt like I'd known everyone for so much longer, it was really nice to feel familiar and comfortable since it's hard to feel like you fit in when absolutely everything is new. I'm really lucky to have found such nice girls. I'm really hoping that I don't do anything stupid, which I seem to be so good at to ruin that!

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