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the return of anaemia! - Wednesday, March 03, 2004
Today was my second day at uni, a 2 hour lecture on ancient egypt and archaeology. When it was finished, I went and met mum and we had lunch at centrepoint together beofre walking down to the quay so I could get coffee at starbucks and she could use the commonwealth bank that is attached to the starbucks down there. We walked along the front of the quay and got the bus home, stopping to buy some more stuff for uni that I needed.

I've been sleeping all afternoon again, it's worrying me, I can feel myself slipping back into my old anaemic must sleep now habits. Which MEANS... injections! Which suck. (It's pink liquid though, which is definately a plus! right? lol.)

So... any suggestions as to how to get out of the rut? I thougth I was eating more red meat! at least once a week now... oh well.

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