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Spiders, birdsnests and roadkill - Saturday, March 20, 2004
Today my cold intensified and I was snuffling and soundling like an old lady all day at work. A number of interesting things happened today:

1. I found a birdsnest (empty) in a mailbox

2. We were invaded by spiders

3. A man got run over by a car on the road outside

Obviously, the spider incident was really quite scary, there are so many of them in our store now!

So here is the story: a boy tried to pick up a packet of seeds and leapt back when a HUGE (really big!) thin-legged spider sprang out of the display! so we got the car service boys to try and catch it.
And they did, and they showed it to us, and guess what! it WASN'T THE SAME SPIDER! it was another HUGE (but slightly smaller) spider!

So the really massive one (seriously around 20 cm diameter) got away.. much to all the cashiers' fear and horror! I was expecting it to come out when I wasn't expecting it, but it didn't thank goodness!

On to the guy that got run over.. we didn't hear what happened to him, whether it was fatal or not but apparently he bounced in the air, so I assume it was quite bad. Poor guy...

So that was today... This evening the BF came over for dinner and we watched the iron chef. I was looking forward to going out but I feel really quite sick, so we stayed home.

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