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That's just soo... first year! - Monday, March 01, 2004
Phew. So today was my first day at uni and besides that it was pretty much full on. I had to get there by ten so I was on the bus by 8:30 and I got there on time, all was good. The whole way from the city to Macquarie, which is the second and last bus I take I was sitting next to a guy who was wearing my ex's aftershave, which made me feel uncomfortable purely because I really don't like anything that reminds me of him!

SO... I got to uni and he disappeared and I thought there is very little chance I'll ever see him again.. but as soon as I got into my first lecture, and started talking to the person next to me, he sat down in front of me! right in front! what are the chances? I would say slim. It just made me nauseas! he did have good hair though! haha!

Anyway, I got talking to this girl and so I didn't feel lonely in my first lecture, and the lecture itself was very interesting, the lecturer was a good speaker and I enjoyed it, it was relaxing (if a little sleep inducing) to just sit and listen quietly.

So after that I checked and found that my next class was a tutorial and tutorials for that subject don't start til next week. So I went home. After one hour! it took me 3 times as long (perhaps more) to get there and back, as the amount of time I spent on campus!

I got some starbucks and met the BF before he went off for his first lecture at 3:00. That didn't work out too well because he was filling out a booklet which is part of his promotion at work, and this was the only time he could check the answers with someone who had done it... so it was pretty boring, me just sitting around while he filled the book out. In the end I went shopping while I waited and ended up missing saying a proper goodbye...

After he got on the bus I went back to buy the bra I was looking at (I left my bag with the BF while he was writing and so he had my purse) and then went to meet my mum and her friend for lunch at the hospital. I didn't actually eat anything, just sat and listened.

After lunch mum and I went to the bank to set up a new account for my uni allowance from my parents, and then to fix up the bank charges I shouldn't have been getting at skanky st george and to reinstate my student account as such. Can you believe they stuffed up twice with my money and if it happens again I won't be able to get any money back from them? so they wrongly take MY measly savings, then, although it is their error, refuse to give MY money back! WTF! but everyone knows banks are thieving money grabbing monsters, so no more on that topic.

We went and got me subway and then went home so I could sleep for many hours and wake up in time for dinner feeling hideous... sick from too much sleepage!

so that was my first day at uni. I actually enjoyed it! how was your day?

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