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Roaring Wind, Numb - Sunday, July 18, 2004
hey everyone.. today the weather was really awful - the wind all last night was making all our windows bang in their frames, and the doors were opening and closing!
It was so cold at work, and the wind was going straight through the building where I work - which is open-ended, because it's a garden centre. My hands were so numb I could barely give people change because my fingers weren't working, but the scary bit was that the bank of fir trees just outside the door and the gums in the parking lot were making that roaring noise that trees do when the wind is really strong - it was really freaky!
I had pumpkin soup for lunch though, which was wonderfully cliche! I got to go home at 3:00 because it was really quiet and mum and dad dropped me off at Randwick because they were going for a walk with Anna, and I didn't want to go, so I visited Luke at maccas, which was cool.
The bad thing is, it seems to me that everyone is breaking up with their boys, for whatever reasons... Luke and Nat broke up last weekend, Anna and Rob broke up this week, Ben and I broke up around 2 months ago, we just seemed to set everyone off! (sorry for that guys...)
This week has been really hard though, because I've been trying to cheer Luke and Anna up, especially Anna. I went out for coffee with her the other day, and she's just so quiet, I've been trying to make her laugh. Its really difficult because I'm so happy with Matt, and I've got to hide it or it might seem like I'm boasting when they're so sad..
Anyway, here is the week in short!
I had lunch with jasmine in her work break and we chatted and coffeed as per usual tuesday...
On wednesday Matt and I met up at starbucks and went to see Dawn of the Dead at the George St Cinemas, and he came over for dinner
I tried to sleep in until I had to go to work at 4:00! I had close so that was tiring, but I didn't have to do wash-up so I was happy.
Mattski had a virus, poor baby! so I was going to see him in the afternoon, and have coffee with Anna in the morning, but that didn't happen because he was sick, so instead Anna and I had coffee at Gloria's (I'm sure I pay their rent in my purchases!) and then had lunch at subway. We saw Ben and some other ex-marcellin guys at randwick and stopped to talk for a while.
Matt was feeling better so we spent the whole day together. I introduced him to Luke when we went to get lunch at randwick, and then we drove down to clovelly to eat it, in the carpark on the cliffs there, it was really nice, but when we tried to leave... his car wouldn't start! so we had a whole call my dad, call his parents, wait for the nrma etc drama, and he went home and couldn't come with me to Marija's birthday dinner! so Theo and Celia came and picked me up and we (plus jasmine) went down there and had food and drank cocktails and we moved on to the palace before theo drove us home.
And this entry is hella long so I'll stop here. *kiss*



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