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Senile? or just trying to annoy me? - Sunday, July 11, 2004
Today was very tiring. I worked from 8:30 and the pains down my side and across my back that have been coming for the last few days got worse. There were no customers because of the rain so it was a really slow day too.

After work, mum and I went to the doctors who said they basically had no idea, but gave me some tablets to lessen the pain, and said I should come back next week for an ultrasound if they don't stop.

Then after dinner mum and I had an argument, because she's started this habbit, and as she's neither old enough to be senile, or stupid, I can only assume she does it to irritate me:

She will ask me 6 or more times what I'm doing the next day, in detail: where, when, what time, when back, am I staying in for dinner?

these questions I have no problems answering, will reply to happily, but then, after answering (in great depth) many times, the next day, before she takes dad to work at around 7:30, she'll come into my room, wake me up, and ask me all over again: should I be awake? when am I going out? etc.

I don't mind answering questions: I know heaps of people who would but I really don't mind at all - I just feel that, due to the previously stated lack of stupidity or senality, that she must not be listening, which obviously makes me angry. I'm not prepared to waste 15-20 minutes in each of the 6 retellings, when I know that she won't remember at all and will be asking me within the next hour all over again.

Then she gets mad when I say I've told her before. It seems insulting to say I should be kinder because she's getting older, because I don't consider her to be, and I respect her as a wholy capable and organised person. So should I be kind to her, because I assume she's senile and incapable of remembering? (which is insulting) or should I become frustrated because I feel she just wasn't listening, and thus can't remember something that she hasn't heard. Damned if I do, damned if I don't.

I love mum, I hope she isn't becoming senile - its at least 30 years too early!



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