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Dead Leg, Wheatgrass shots + southern comfort - Friday, August 20, 2004
Tonight after uni I was bored bored bored, so on the way home I messaged Jasmine and she came out to the city and we had dinner before going to cheers and starbar where we tried out a shot I'd heard of but never tried! it was pretty nice, better than tequila for winter, I reckon, so here it is

similar to a tequila shot, has a lick, sip & suck combination

LICK: sugar, not salt
SIP: frangelico or some other hazlenut flavoured liquer
SUCK: lemon or lime slice chaser!

it is supposed to taste like a lemon and sugar pancake. What else? we had Cocksucking Cowboys (CSCs) and I also became addicted to southern comfort, which is the best bourbon on the planet! its smoother and somehow classier than regular bourbon, and I've been getting really really sick of sweet drinks, I like to have dry or ones with an edge every so often!

Tomorrow I'm doing open with Luke and Ben at maccas. I finish at 2 and they finish at 3 so I thought I'd go and see jasmine for an hour and then come back down to have coffee with them. Thats the plan anyway!


I have switched from coffee to wheatgrass! I used to drink 2-4 cups of coffee a day, and I felt it was becoming extravagant, so instead, I tried a wheatgrass shot (which tastes like reg-er-la grass) and the complimentary orange wedge which is the chaser. Anyway, I didn't really expect it to work, but I haven't had a single cup of coffee this week! and no cravings either. I've felt just as awake, if not moreso to. I'm a convert!

my leg went dead in palaeontology today and I fell over in front of 40+ people in a mixed tut. class. There was a collective gasp and then I felt even more embarrassed! I thought I'd be fine when I realised I had pins and needles, but when I stood up, my leg felt like it wasn't there anymore! and 2 seconds later I was on the floor. How embarrassment! (go Rosie!)

Matt has some sort of flu or something and as a result sounds like he's whispering all the time. He sounds dreadful and I worry about him: my poor poor baby! I hope he gets better soon because I feel like a hot-chocolate-with-pink-marshmallows-and-your-boyfriend-wrapped-up-in-a-doona type weekend, not forgetting the patter of rain on a galvanized tin roof... *sigh*

Well thats all folks! more soon!



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