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Ok. Like, WTF! seriously! - Saturday, August 21, 2004
Hey guys.. don't even start me today, last night I went over to Matt's house, and his mum gave me this massive lecture about this and that. I cried all the way home, and then bitched about it all night with Mum and Anna, and then with Jasmine and Taryn. We stayed up til 4 AM talking about it and drinking southern comfort and coke.

I think that to lecture me about my behaviour is totally inappropriate - as a younger person, and furthermore, in her household, I wouldn't be in a position to retaliate, even though I never would have anyway. I also think that since I'm also going out with her son, I'm obviously going to try really hard to impress her, so I'm further limited in what I can say to her.

Both mum and Anna said I should have just walked out. Can you guys believe I sat there and took it while she told me that I don't 'talk' to her husband enough? and then, when I said, I never intended to, and that I hope he wasn't offended, she said, basically, as if you or anything you have to said could insult him, it would take a lot more than that to upset him, and so I was like... then if he doesn't care about it, why are we sitting here discussing it? if both of them don't think me talking to them is a big deal, why is she bawling me out over it?

you guys know I never usually post irrational rants when I'm angry or uspet - I never usually post anything thats incriminating. Maybe later I'll take this down, but this was last night - normally I'd be over it a bit by now. But basically - I am NEVER going back to their house. Not even if she gives me a WRITTEN and personal appology - what kind of mother lectures their son's girlfriend unless the relationship has been long term or you know them really well?! and more to the point - what type of boyfriend just sits there and doesn't defend you or anything. When I asked Matt if he thought mum would ever say anything like that to him - or that further more - I'd let her - he didn't have an answer. Well, I have one. No way in all fucking buggery. Hell no - I wouldn't just sit there in silence if she was talking like that to him.

AND.. thats my rant for today. I just made "wh-wha-how-what the FUCK" noises to my mum about the whole thing. I still feel like, who the HELL would do that? sorry - I'm done now :D



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