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The action never stops! (aka, when is the mid-sem. break?!) - Monday, September 13, 2004
Hey guys. The weekend turned out to be a busy one, but that seems normal nowadays. Hopefully the holidays will see me with more money, more time and less [uni] work, but I dunno..

Friday day I worked, which put me in a bad mood because someone had to leave early and so they asked me to stay for an extra 2 hours. I wanted the money so I stayed, but you know when they get you to do all these dumb tasks before you leave, and they keep adding to the list? and you know they're just trying to waste your time? well it felt like that!

After work, Anna wanted to go out, and since Matt was busy doing uni work, I said I'd go. I even got a new top, which is really pretty and was only $5.50! we had dinner at the blackbird cafe in darling harbour, which is where our formal after party for year 12 was held. They have mad cocktails, and the food was pretty good too, so Anna really enjoyed it, and so did I. Jackie 'O' (the radio presenter) sat on the table next to us - she is really really pretty!

After that we went to cargo bar, but it seemed so group-ish, that I felt uncomfortable it just being me and Anna, even though no one stared at us or anything. We moved on to the establishment, but I was in a bad mood by then - it was like, I have a boyfriend, I don't feel like spending hundreds of dollars in this sleazy bar waiting for guys I don't like to pick us up. Ptch.

I felt bad going home, because Anna wanted to stay out, but we went, because she felt tired anyway, and sometimes you can just tell when a night isn't going to get any better - like you're sending out bad vibes.

Saturday, I went to Cronulla for our marine geoscience excursion! we got to sit on a boat and gossip for a couple of hours, while writing information down about the different sites we visited. It was fun, but I felt antsy still, like, I could be earning money at work, and instead I'm screwing around at Cronulla!

Alison's 80's party was on saturday night, and Matt drove all the way out to Berowra after picking me up - thats St. Ives, Randwick, Berowra, Randwick, St. Ives. Ouch. Thats a lot of driving. The party was excellent, I had a good time, and I hope Alison did too.. the music was really 80's! it was definately one of the highlights. All her school friends are really nice, but it took them a while to warm up to us, I think they just felt uncomfortable at first.

Matt left my house around 2:00 am, and I woke up around 4:00, freaking out because I didn't think he'd messaged me, and I always ask him to, so I know he's got home safe. He had messaged me, I'd just been too hard asleep to hear it, so I felt guilty and messaged back.

Today I was supposed to do uni work, but I couldn't get any of the online e-reserve articles from the library to open, so I blew it off and watched tv instead. I went out for dinner/coffee with Jasmine and Celia at Teascapes, a retro-style cafe in Randwick that has lots of postcards, posters and memorabilia that they've obviously collected from garage sales! its very cool - they have books and scrabble and chess and magazines. We booked so we got the window booth, which is the best seats in the place. We met up at around 7:00 and stayed til 10:30! then we left and it was sooo soo cold walking home. Jasmine told us all her gossip from the weekend, and we all generally just had a really good catch-up session. I'm a bit tired now though. And how long is this entry! woah!

I have to start writing this every day on weekends, I think. I'd better stop now and finish printing off the 75, 10-page each articles I need to have for my assignment due in on thursday. Oh well, at least I've written 500 of the 2000 words! I'm just not happy with it yet. (you may notice at this point I'm procrastinating..) I'd better stop putting off the inevitable. Have a lovely week guys!



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