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Catching Up - Thursday, September 09, 2004
Today is my early day in at uni, and we crossed over the harbour bridge just after 7:30 and the sun was just creeping over the edge of clouds on the horizon... and I thought, why on earth am I awake?!
I got a tropical storm boost juice drink and felt a lot better... they're really nice, they have banana, mango, low fat coconut milk and mango sorbet in them.

Today was lots of fun, at lunch time we went over to the Mac Centre and had subway.. wandered around.. blah di blah..Its amazing how much I laugh when I'm with my uni friends. They're so silly! I feel so lucky that I have serious friends, and funny friends.. I love all of my girls!

After class I met up with Jasmine for coffee and then Ben got into the city so he came too, and we got dinner at KFC, fully shibbed up classy and all, haha..

I'm supposed to be doing uni work now, so I suppose I better stop.. but it was nice seeing all my peoples today: my uni girls, my high school friend (no Celia :( ) I even saw James, (duff) who I haven't seen pretty much all semseter!

the only person missing was Matt! I haven't seen him since tuesday! I miss my baby a lot. *sigh* but this weekend I get to see him so I'll cross my fingers over that. Anyway, I'm working tomorrow so night night, I've got a big weekend! marine geoscience excursion, 80's party, uni work.. coffee with my school friends... arg.. so much to do, so little time!



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