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Conception Day - Thursday, September 16, 2004
Well.. as of today I'm on mid semester break! yay!

It was a really really busy day, and I'm so relieved that I get to go on holidays for a while, even it looks like they're going to be busy. This morning I accidentally woke up an hour late, but I still only arrived at uni 1/2 an hour late! not too bad!

After class Aimee and I met up with Cindy and Ben and we all drove over to the Mac Center in Aimee's car to get boost juice and other lunch things! Aimee had to go home so she left, and Cindy, Ben and I walked back to uni. Cindy went to class and Ben and I went to sit on the grass to eat lunch, where Alison's friend Vindy was (His name is actually Kaori [spelt with one of those symbols with dots over the o I think] but it sounds like curry. Curry>vindaloo>Vindy!)

They both left for class and Matt came out and we snuggled on the grass til 6 o'clock. And guess who was at the bus stop? BEN! so I got the bus home with him, and we stopped off at Randwick to chat to Luke, but he seemed like he really wanted me to leave, so I did. When we were in the city I managed to twist my ankle and fall flat on my face, which was really very embarrassing to happen to you in front of an ex, but at least it didn't hurt.

Anyway, tomorrow I'm working and I'm missing conception day at uni!
Conception day, for everyone who doesn't go to my uni... (which is probably pretty much everyone!) is a day of celebration at Macquarie uni to celebrate the day thought to be the one Governor Macquarie was concieved on. (He's the founder of our uni)

The day involves getting really drunk, lots of bands and stalls and fun things, and its free for all us Mac Students! Its a really big party and supposedly the most exciting day of the year at our university. But.. it's my day off and I'm working and missing it all. Oh well, I don't mind, I think I'd be too tired to enjoy it at the moment, I feel drained from that damn major assignment I did yesterday! BUT IT'S DONE AND HANDED IN!!

and on that cheery note, I'll end this post!



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