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Sleep talk and Pancakes - Sunday, September 19, 2004
So last night after we got back to my house from Pancakes on the rocks, with Janna and Manuel, Celia, Marija and Jasmine, I was rapidly falling asleep and Matt was talking to me. The conversation went something like this: [M=Matt R=Rosie]

M: Have you ever counted all your clothes before?
R: Hell no, It'd really scare me.
M: uh, ok..
R: kind of like that guy that counted all the rivets in the Eiffel tower
M: someone did that?
R: yeah some dickhead did.
M: how many were there?
R: I dunno!
R: but his mum couldn't talk about it because *mumble mumble mumble* his legs got bitten off

shortly after this I woke up and Matt told me what I said and I pissed myself laughing. I have no idea where any of that came from!

Pancakes on the rocks was great though, I got what I always get, bananarama! it has the butterscotch sauce and icecream so it's my favourite!
It was also really good seeing Janna again, and Marija, I haven't seen them in ages. The bad part is that I lost one of my contact lenses this morning! so tomorrow I have to go and get another one to replace it. Hopefully they won't have to order it in because I don't want to wear my glasses all the time! cross your fingers for me!



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