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[unwelcome?] blast from the past - Tuesday, September 14, 2004
Hey guys.. so yesterday was really weird!

I stopped off after uni to get my roster and Luke was working so I said hi etc etc.. anyway, when I left, standing at the bus stop was the EX ex.. my first boyfriend who I haven't spoken to since.. we broke up, around 2 years ago. Its been a mutual agreement that we act like we don't know each other. Anyway, I didn't notice him, I was looking in a shop window, but he saw meand called me over and KISSED ME ON THE CHEEK! weird. Anyway, we had a 'catch up' session and it was just odd. I stood there thinking, I can't believe I went out with this guy.. so weird.

I guess that since we finally broke up, I spent a lot of time feeling really resentful of him for all the things I put up with, and how much I loved him which he didn't reciprocate, so speaking to him was really a kind of (I know its cliche!) closure, and I'm really quite relieved, its like now I can let go properly, although still disturbed that he kissed my cheek. Thats just WACK!

On a side note, my clothes smell like Matt. And as I should be doing my major palaeontology essay, I'm stopping now!



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